CLI interface

Holiday converter tool

usage: hc [-h] [-V] [-d] [-v] [-q] [-n] [-c CACHE_DIR] [-i INPUT_FILE]
          [-f {schulferien_html}] [-F FROM_DATE] [-T TO_DATE] [-u]
          [-t {yaml,json}] [-s {opening_hours.js}] [-D]

Positional Arguments

output-file Where to write the output file. ‘-‘ will write to STDOUT.

Named Arguments

-V, --version show program’s version number and exit
-d, --debug Write debugging and higher to STDOUT|STDERR.
-v, --verbose Write information and higher to STDOUT|STDERR.
-q, --quiet, --silent
 Only write errors and higher to STDOUT|STDERR.
-n, --no-cache

Do not cache intermediary files.

Default: True

-c, --cache-dir
 Cache directory, defaults to the default cache directory of your operating system.
-i, --input-file
 File path to the input file to process. ‘-‘ will read from STDIN.
-f, --input-format, --from

Possible choices: schulferien_html

Format of the input file. Default: “schulferien_html”.

Default: “schulferien_html”

-F, --from-date

Process date range starting at given RFC 3339 date. Default: Current year and month “”2020-04”“.

Default: “2020-04”

-T, --to-date

Process date range ending at given RFC 3339 date. Default: One year in the further “”2021-04”“.

Default: “2021-04”

-u, --update-output

Update the output file instead of constructing it from scratch. Implementation incomplete.

Default: False

-t, --output-format, --to

Possible choices: yaml, json

Format of the output file. Default: “yaml”.

Default: “yaml”

-s, --output-structure

Possible choices: opening_hours.js

Structure of the output file. Default: “opening_hours.js”.

Default: “opening_hours.js”

-D, --dry-run

Don’t write output.

Default: False